Posted on March 17, 2016 at 2:16 am

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Alia Bhatt has the secret to the Fawad Khan Craze!

Fawad Khan rose to fame in Pakistan with hit television shows and his music. Females all over the nation were glued to the television when he was on and since his move to Bollywood, his fame has expanded with South Asian women all over the world now fawning over the dreamy actor. It seems Alia Bhatt has found out the secret to what she calls “the Fawad Khan craze!”


During a recent video press conference, we asked Alia Bhatt what was something new she learned about her co-stars. The actress revealed that what others don’t know is how close Fawad Khan is to his culture—both she and co-star Sidharth Malhotra learned a lot of new words from Fawad.

“He was also in a rock metal band,” Alia Bhatt revealed about Fawad Khan. “He has so many stories, I love hearing about it all!”

She continues to explain how much she admires her co-star and how Fawad has opened up a lot more—on and off screen—since he started in the industry.

“He has this elegance that other’s don’t have,” Alia said. “It’s his eyes, I’ve found the answer to his [Fawad Khan’s] craze. He’s so expressive!”

Funnily enough, later Fawad revealed that it was a former director who told him to use his eyebrows less and use his eyes to express. Dreamy looks, melodious voice, expressive eyes, and elegance—is it no wonder that Fawad Khan is Bollywood’s Prince Charming?