Posted on March 11, 2016 at 10:18 pm

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Akanksha Singh recreates Jabra Fan!

Yes you read it right , the pretty actress who is a part of Ahmedabad Express owned by Nandish Singh, Mrunal Jain and Gaurav Aggarwal recently did a video in a cute Sardarji’s getup and danced on the song Jabra from the film Fan.

akanksha singh

When asked Akanksha says,

“Since my childhood I always wanted to act like a sardarji so me,my friend Priyanka and Kunal were sitting and discussing it ,it just came into my mind so I did it , one more reason that I chose fan song is Shah Rukh is looking damn cute I thought why not dedicate my performance to him, we had a blast while making so I thought it will be great if I share it with everyone and make them laugh too.”

Akanksha got a warm response from her teammates to everybody. She adds,

Shardul told me after seeing my dance he has become my fan. That is a big compliment. People also appreciate my creativity as I made an artificial paper teeth which looked too funny with the act.”

Akanksha also adds,

“As an actor I feel one should not limit themselves, as I did what I felt I made this video to make people laugh and think that an actor can portray anything if you give them a freedom of thought.”

So who is your favourite player from the squad?

“My entire team is the best, each player is my favorite, I can’t pick up anyone. “

Well Akanksha you are surely highly creative we must say!