Posted on February 11, 2016 at 9:14 pm

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“Work hard, be nice to people, and don’t let anything stop you.” – Lilly Singh

February 10, 2016 iiSuperwomanii AKA Lilly Singh’s A Trip To Unicorn Island released on You Tube Red.

I’ve been watching Lilly videos for as long as I can remember.

When the trailer of her film released my mom said,

Is this the same girl you watch on YouTube? She looks very pretty now.

Yes she’s the brown girl on YouTube everyone around the world CANNOT stop talking about. But why?!


It’s really important to understand that YouTube isn’t just a place to watch movie trailers or funny animal videos, even though that’s always nice. But it’s also a platform for all these creative people around the world working unlimited hours to make some small tiny difference. It’s so important to understand that Lilly isn’t an ordinary person, but someone I and so many other people can relate to every single minute of the day.

I watched her film yesterday and I was moved, like always. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to one of her impeccable shows, but watching her film was enough for me to understand what was so moving about her A Trip To Unicorn Island tours. More than that though it made me see a part of what I am facing every single day.

Everyday I am trying to build myself into a better person and create new ideas to share with the world. I am constantly balancing a million things on my two hands and shoulders, and there are days I ask myself,

Is this all really worth it? I am trying to do everything to be happy, but why do I feel so sad and depressed some days?

Lilly expresses a similar feeling while she preps for her tour, and while she is on tour. She constantly finds herself being the one person in the room constantly working while others are also working, but having fun too. She constantly finds herself trying to work harder because sometimes just ‘working hard’ isn’t enough. She believes if you sleep and dream at night, nothing will actually come true unless your awake and making those dreams come to life.

I cannot express how much these types of thoughts run through my head every single day when I am on the go and doing everything possible. I never know how to tell people why I am tired because there’s a long list as to why I’m tired.

Because of Lilly I have had the chance to meet so many other YouTube personalities, like my daily favorites Humble The Poet and Jaz Saini, and many more. I won’t say Lilly created them, but somewhere in their own work I can see these individuals have also created their own ‘island’. They have taken their friends and fans to their own island they have created. That’s why Lilly emphasizes why it’s so important to be happy for yourself. That’s why she stresses on working hard, being nice to others, and not letting a single soul around the world stop you from just being you.

Yes, Lilly is the brown girl on YouTube dressing up as her parents, making videos in her room… but do you know what else she has accomplished!? Everything and more. She’s not even thirty years old, and she has done it all. She has accomplished her dreams and has touched millions of young hearts across the globe. She’s the reason your child is in front of the computer turning their bad day into a simple smile. She has met other celebrities which she doesn’t just fan-girl and take a selfie with, but genuinely wants to know how they are doing.

If there is one thing I had to take from Lilly’s and my own experiences, it’s this:

Please do not take advantage of a single day in your life. Really think about what will make you happy and just do it. And in addition spread your happiness to others, make them realize the importance of happiness. Create your own island and spread the love.


I am so happy I am part of this YouTube generation and was able to grasp my eyes on this film. Not only has it made me realize that it’s okay to feel the way I feel, but that this message is being conveyed to all. I want parents, kids, and everyone to watch this hour and twenty-minute film, and not see the celebrity in Lilly, but the human in her.

A Trip to Unicorn Island