Posted on February 6, 2016 at 1:25 pm

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Varun Dhawan’s inspirational message to those struggling with self imaging issues!

While most actors use their social media to promote their upcoming films, Varun Dhawan uses it for the greater good of man kind.


The Dilwale actor has always been vocal about his take on social issues. Whether it be a a major natural disaster such as the Chennai floods or a more social issues such as raising awareness on voting rights and the negative effects of smoking, Varun Dhawan has always stepped up to the plate when the nation was counting on him. And now, the actor has taken on the issue of self-esteem and body imaging issues with his current post.

After a fan meet and greet where Varun was mobbed by fan girls as usual, he stopped to ask a girl why she was not taking a picture as well. She answered, “I don’t look god and stylish enough to be in the same photo as you.” The girl’s response stunned the actor.

Varun’s response was as follows:

Self esteem and body imaging issues have been rampant since the inception of social media. It takes longer for someone to take the perfect selfie than to actually post it and that is just the beginning. Social media shaming, pointing out what one perceives to be flaws in a person has become part of a daily routine. We, as a human race, have become so superficial that we are unable to see people for who they really are.

Kudos Varun, for bringing this issue up. He has done his part, now it’s up to us to implement the change. Be bold, be brave but most importantly, be yourself!