Posted on February 11, 2016 at 4:30 pm

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#ValentinesWeek: Who is your favorite actor’s first crush?

You remember your first crush right? That feeling of nervousness and happiness, your stomach churning, your heart pounding. That probably happened the first time you laid your eyes on you favorite actor. Well let me tell you, they felt the same way when their first laid their eyes on their first crush!

Shashank Vyas latest

Shashank Vyas

My most memorable Valentine Day is when I was in college,me and my friends used to enjoy a lot. I used to celebrate with my friends. My First crush was my English teacher when I was in primary school. She was very well spoken and very young as compare to other teachers.She was fair and tall woman.

Himmanshoo Malhotra

Himmanshoo Malhotra

My first crush was my first girl friend in school in 10th standard ‘she was apparently the most popular girl of the school and she ended up being my first girlfriend. Most memorable Valentine was with Amruta when we started dating in the early days.I took her out to Mahabaleshwar and amidst the beautiful weather we celebrated it.

Rashami Desai in red

Rashami Desai

My first crush was my Maths sir. I used to hate Math but I used to pay attention because of my sir. My most memorable Valentine was my college days I used to celebrate all the seven days like rose day,teddy day and many more with my mom.I used to give her gifts and we both used to go out.


Mohammad Nazim

My first crush was my class teacher in school in tenth standard.She was very beautiful and intelligent.My most memorable Valentine was with my girl friend. We went to a restaurant and it was candle light dinner with rose fragrance.

Ssharad Malhotraa

My first crush was my girl friend in school.She was very cute and sweet.My most memorable Valentine was when I celebrated with all my friends.They specially had come to meet me in Mumbai and I was very happy when I introduced them to my special friend.

Tina Datta

Tinaa Dattaa

My first crush was Shahrukh Khan actually he is still my crush.I am a huge fan of SRK because I love him when I saw his Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie.My most memorable Valentine was when I was in school and boy had bought a doll for me using his piggy bank money.

Sudeep Sahir

Sudeep Sahir

My wife Anantica and I had just starting dating & the same year she was going to Southampton for her MBA so we wouldn’t have been together on Valentine’s that year. But I had planned something different. Those were the initial days of my career , wasn’t earning much but I saved money & booked my self on a flight to UK to surprise her. Landed straight outside her university waiting for her to come out. & when she saw me. My God!!! I can never forget that look on her face. Just made everything worth it. My first crush happened when I was I think in the 2nd standard. There was this teacher Ms Gandhi, have lovely memories. She was so caring & loving. I still remember, she used to wear this distinct perfume .. My mum tells me , whenever they would ask me who I would want to marry when I grew up, I would say Sujata Gandhi Maam.

Mrunal Jain-2

Mrunal Jain

My most memorable valentine was with wife Sweety when I took her out for a special dinner. My crush was my English teacher who had long hair. She used to like me and my child like innocence.