Posted on February 23, 2016 at 5:56 pm

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#UrbanAsian: Priyesh Dhoolab and Nasa Munir give you 'Saye'

Valentines Day might be over but  falling love is everyday feeling loved or even giving someone some love! We all experience it in some form! That’s what two artist have done in this beautiful video! Priyesh Dhoolab (composer) and Nasa Munir (vocals) have released a beautiful, soulful composition for Valentines 2016 with ‘Saye’. It’s about falling in love all over again.

Just a few months after their debut single (Mahi) reached “Track of the Week”, on BBC Asian Network, Birmingham talents; Music Composer and Producer, Priyesh Dhoolab and Vocalist, Nasa Munir have returned with their latest release; a melodious and enchanting offering. The captivating lyrics of SAYE, which means ‘shadow’ have been written by Hasan Chaudry.

Two souls merge into one in this emotion filled melody based around the innocence of love; the purity and grace between a man and a woman who decide to spend their lives with each other. The simplicity of nature is captured alongside the epic orchestration of music, go hand in hand for this track, that will captivate the listener and put them a musical journey of unconditional love.

The single is now available to download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and all other major online digital platforms. This is one tune you will fall in love with – the lyrics are just beautiful!