Posted on February 14, 2016 at 6:54 am

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Urban Asian gives you their dream Bollywood Valentines Date!

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Everyone wants to dream about a romantic date with the one they crush! Especially if it’s someone in Tinsel Town! Our Team gathered some of their dream dates for Valentines and told us the dream they date they wanted with that one special someone they always dreamed of! One can dream no harm in that!

Our Founder Miss Roshni gave us her dream date:

Miss Roshni : My Dream date would have to be with Hrithik Roshan! I think he would pick me up in one of his cars he collects because he loves collecting cars and take me on a long drive by the beach followed by some roses and dancing and a candel light dinner and maybe watch a movie of his. Perfect Night!

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Roopa Modha our editor gave us a dream date with her dream man Arjun Kapoor!

Roopa: My dream celebrity date for Valentine’s Day would be Arjun Kapoor.  He is talented, handsome, seems super normal and easy to hang out with, and has a good sense of humor.  Since he’s a foodie, I’m sure he’ll probably plan a wonderful Valentine’s day.  He’ll arrive home to pick me up – and will be sure to bring flowers and milk chocolate!  Then we’ll go to a romantic movie, followed by a candlelit dinner at a restaurant, and end the night with some dancing!

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Our Editor Nila gave us her dream date with Hot throb Sidharth Malhotra. Don’t worry Alia we are just dreaming we promise not to snatch him away!

Nila : My perfect Valentine’s date would be an evening with the handsome Sidharth Malhotra. Sid seems to be very humble, quiet and reserved where as I am, bubbly, reckless and talkative, I think our opposite qualities will help us fit perfectly together! I enjoy the simple things in life so the perfect date would be a stroll on the beach where we can relax with a picnic and watch the sunset. I’d love for us to just lay on the beach and watch the stars at night.

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Co-Founder Aman Syal enjoys a dream date with the one and only Katrina Kaif and told he would take her to the beach during sunset and eat some good ice-cream! Yum!

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Amar Syal twin number two’s dream date is Jacqueline Fernandez! He went all out and told UA that he would take her on a romantic get away to Paris!

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Our Writer Aishwarya dreamed of being with the adorable Kunal Kapoor he is quite handsome!

Aishwarya told UrbanAsian her dream date would be at the Beach! A Beachside romantic candlelit dinner while watching sunset followed by a stroll on the sand and an outdoor movie (either Dil To Pagal Hai or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) beneath the stars! How dreamy!

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Brooke Anderson:

My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be with Aditya Roy Kapur! We would go on a weekend getaway to a cabin in the mountains. We would have dinner while the snow falls, warm up in front of the fireplace, and spend some time in the jacuzzi. A nice, quiet weekend away where we could do whatever we want is the most romantic Valentine’s date I can think of!

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Bhavna Singh:

Starting off the morning with a road-trip to the beach or mountains. Listening to our favorite tunes and building more memories over endless conversations. And then have the entire evening planned out with a nice meal (probably a bit of his and my favorites) of course a glass of red, and a nice comfort home theater set-up with candles, and twinkle lights to just set the mood. Before viewing our favorite film, I’d gift him a camera to capture every beautiful moment of our lives.
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Our Fashion Critic gave us her dream date!

Ami Jain: Ranveer Singh would be my ideal Valentine date because I know he would plan something fun and out of the box! Maybe an activity like salsa dancing or mini golf combined with dinner & drinks, the more creative the better! That’s a perfect date in my books!

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Diana our Bollywood and TV fanatic writer dreams of having a date with Varun! A Candle light dinner by the beach followed by video games! We know boys love toys and video game so this is one night that could get interesting!


Our youngest writer Megha Patel tells us her dream date is Sooraj Pancholi!

What to do- flowers in the morning with a cute little note from him, then a romantic walk on the beach as the sun sets and we would have some really good indian food. As night falls watch a game of football because im a huge fan and then our day would be over and perfect!

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Our latest add on Sonu Sangani told us she wanted her dream Valentines Date with the hot Ranveer Singh!

Wow! Ranveer Singh? If I had a date with Ranveer Singh I would go all out. First, he would send me a bouquet of roses outside my door at 7am. and they’d be 100 roses for a 100 reasons why I love you kind of thing.. Then, there is a card saying “be ready at 12pm today to go on a magical date” and so I go and get ready, and then after he picks me up in a nice limo, and we head to a fancy place. We head for brunch at Oxford Exchange. After, we head out for shopping and he pays for everything I purchase including tons of my dream Tory Burch shoes and then after we go to a place where he has decorated roses on the red carpet, and their are fireworks going on, and we make a wish at 11:11 and blow our lanterns in the sky and watch them go. Then he takes me to a sky view place, and we just watch the glorious view!

ps, i am dreaming a little too much about this. Time to snap out of this magical zone.
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Yes, we know these won’t be for real but hey we can all dream right? Who would be your dream date?