Posted on February 16, 2016 at 8:35 pm

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Television's most eligible bachelors!

Who says all the good guys are taken! Just check out our television industry – it’s flooded with good looking single men.


They’re so picture perfect that it’s hard to believe that they’re still single or could it be that they’re waiting for their Miss Perfect? When we asked these bachelors what their dream girl would be like, here is what they replied:

Shashank Vyas latest

Shashank Vyas
I would like to date a girl who is very supportive, kind, pretty and basically a real person. I am a simple person and need a simple life partner who can be a good companion.

Karan Ambardar
Well being the most eligible bachelor around sounds very nice but what worries me is that if I am so then why I am still single. I would like to date a girl who is a lady in the street but a freak in the bed who flies high but is in touch with her roots.Someone who comes across in front of me and you forget all the problems in life ans says that Life is beautiful.


Gunjan Utreja
I think it is beautiful being in love with the right person and it makes a relationship really enjoyable.However,I am extremely comfortable and happy with this status and don’t feel any pressure or need to change it until someone most appropriate for my life comes along. I would like to date a girl who is on the same page as me in many ways, yet a little different from me so that we can both learn from each other and balance things out when needed.A girl who is well read,witty and most importantly who has a sense of appreciation for creativity,life and the people around us.

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh
I don’t know about the most eligible bachelor around tag for me but I have no plans of marriage right now. I am single and happy about it. I would like to date a girl in future who is very understanding, mature and caring.She should respect our relationship and my work.

Vipul Roy

Vipul Roy
I would like to date a girl who is attractive,conducts her self very well and pretty. A good companion is important in life and finding the right one is surely a task but I believe in destiny and someone who is made for me will come in my life eventually.

Ankit gera

Ankit Gera
I am very happy that I am the most eligible bachelor around but there are many in the list.I would like to date a girl who is beautiful,understanding,caring and one who loves me the way I am and would give me my space. I don’t like to explain too much about my nature and personality. I am a heart person.

Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang
I am looking for a special type of girl with whom I can feel nice,comfortable and feel positive.The girl should be loyal,caring,loving and she should be adventurous. She has to be mature enough to understand my sentiments.


Ssharad Malhotraa
I am happily single and always ready to mingle. I want someone who loves to live life to the fullest and each day as it comes just the way I do. She should understand the nature of my profession which is demanding.