Posted on February 2, 2016 at 9:00 pm

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Suyyash Rai sings for Manav Bhinder’s short film!

Suyyash Rai never ceased to amaze. The multi talented actor, who was last seen in Bigg Boss 9, recently sang a song for Manav Bhinder’s short film Ankahee Baatein.

Suyyash Rai

Suyyash says,

“I sang one song for Ankahee Baatein. I remember I met Manav and he was talking about his short film and he mentioned that he is searching for a singer who can sing a song for his film so I asked him what kind of a song it was. He told me it was a delicate song filled with romance and sadness. Since I really love to sing soft numbers so I decided to sing song for Ankahee Baatein.”

He further adds,

“I know Manav from long time, he is very good friend of mine.He is very sweet person.I really liked his dedication for making his movie so I dedicated this song for his great work.Acting is my profession I love doing what I do but I think music is something I can do anytime. I love music.”

When asked about his stint on Bigg Boss, Suyyash added,

Bigg Boss has taught me lot of things.I started respecting small things.When I was in Mumbai I used to talk with my parents rarely. But when I was in Bigg Boss house I was missing my family a lot and I missed food made by my mother. The experience taught me to value the little things in life.”

This is Suyyash’s second recording after the hit single Khushnuma.