Posted on February 19, 2016 at 3:04 pm

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Shobhit Attray gets a birthday surprise from The Chennai Swaggers!

Shobhit Attray had quite the happy birthday. The actor celebrated his birthday with his BCL team Chennai Swaggers at J W Marriott when they threw him a surprise party.

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On asking about how he usually celebrates his birthday, the actor said

“My friends always surprise me differently but I always have a hint of what are they going to do.”

Sharing his previous birthday moments he said that Ajay Chaudhary once called him stating they had a meeting in Powai and he threw him a surprise party by calling his old and close friends at the party. The best gift he received was a car from his parents and has a dream of gifting himself something exclusive and lavish keeping what gift it would be as a secret. Shobhit’s all birthdays have been a memorable one as he is treated with surprises every year by his friends. This year Chennai Swaggers asked him for some pictures for team promotions and they ended up putting those pictures as banners at his birthday party stating they wanted to do
something different.

He adds, “Chennai Swaggers is a good team and they made me feel special”

Riya Deepsi, Mayank Gandhi, Kunal Pant,Ajay Mehra, Shobit Attray, Vahbbiz Dorabjee, Rafi Malik, Paaras Madaan, Ruchika Kapoor, Jharna Narwani and Priyanka Jain were present from Chennai Swaggers.