Posted on February 1, 2016 at 2:22 pm

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“Sheetal makes each day special” – Himanshu Soni

Himanshu Soni, who is currently playing Shiva in Neeli Chatri Waale, blows his birthday candles today. On this occasion, the actor shared with us his plans and to whom he owes his happiness.


Himanshu says,

“I don’t have any specific plans. I am working today because work comes first. If I will finish my shoot early then I would celebrate my birthday with my wife Sheetal and my close friends. I still remember that my most memorable birthday till date was my first date with Sheetal Singh.”

When asked him about what gift he want to gift himself and the gift he received from Sheetal,

“I want to gift myself a house in my hometown Jaipur. It is my dream to buy a house in Jaipur. Sheetal gifted me a Hublot watch and lots of love. I am very lucky that Sheetal is in my life. She is a perfectionist. I don’t need any specific day to be happy and celebrate because Sheetal makes my each day a special day. She is the perfect life partner I could ever got. She has brought peace and stability in my life.”

Urban Asian wishes you a happy birthday Himanshu. May this year bring you lots of joy and success!