Posted on February 9, 2016 at 11:30 pm

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Rishina Kandhari’s new found passion for skating turns into a mother daughter date!

TV actress Rishina Kandhari who was last seen in Udaan as a circus owner is learning skating with her daughter Tiarah.Rishina Kandhari is balancing her personal and professional life by taking out time of her hectic shoot schedule for her daughter. The actress is often seen cycling ,swimming and hiking with her daughter.

Now she is also learning skating with her. On this Rishina says,

“My uncle gifted me a pair of skates on my twelfth birthday.I learned skating when I was in school and then I left it as I got busy with my studies.But when we bought a pair of skates for Tiarah that Time I thought that I should get back to what I had left behind.I love doing various activities with her and skating being one of them now. Tiarah is my coach now as she is in advance level and I am still stuck with the beginners skates which my uncle gifted me ages back.”

When asked about how does she manage to give time to her daughter Tiarah,

“We spend a lot of time together whenever I am free or she is free as she is more busy than me nowadays. Tiarah is a state level gymnast and an athlete.Seeing her so sincere with her life inspires me too.Skating is a fun we use hand and knee guards and a helmet to protect us from hurting ourselves as it is said precaution is better than cure.One has to keep in mind that you have to enjoy all the activities but at the same time you have to take care of yourself too.So whenever you are doing any activity always wear your safety gears.”

How cute is that?