Posted on February 6, 2016 at 1:43 pm

Featured Indian TV What's Happenin'

“Rashami Desai is like a sister to me!” – Mrunal Jain

BCL Season 2 produced by Marinating Films (Sunny Arora and Anand Mishra) along with Ekta Kapoor is coming up in a huge way on a new channel and a few changes. Among the changes are the ones happening on Ahmedabad Express.Mrunal Jain the team owner of Ahemdabad Express is all charged up and taking a lot of responsibilities for his team.

Left to Right - Nandish Sandhu, Amit Khanna, Mrunal

Talking on his team he says,

“As a team owner it is a big responsibility. I have to be with my team whenever they need me .I am responsible for everything whether players get injured,whether they want anything or whether it is about players satisfaction. So I have to take care of them because today they are with me and they trust me.”

Mrunal also adds,

“My vision for the team is to take my team towards perfection.The hard work and dedication is there, the motivation and passion they already have but an extra cheer up will always help them. I am going everyday to see their practice so that they know that I am with them.I feel like my team is my inspiration.My team is because of them not because of me.”

Mrunal’s three favourite players are the trio from Indian cricket team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Sachin Tendulkar.On being asked about Ekta Kapoor he says,

Ekta Kapoor has an amazing vision. She knows the pulse of the audience as well as her business sense is exemplary”.

Mrunal also has a deep passion for photography and he has his business too. So how he is managing all this things?

“I am into multi tasking because it keeps me busy and my mind is always working with creative thoughts.I am a photographer,actor,business man and also the co- owner of Ahmedabad Express. An empty mind is a devil’s mind so whenever my mind is empty all negative thoughts comes in my mind so multi tasking helps me to stay busy so that all negative thoughts doesn’t come to my mind.”

On association with Nandish Singh (Sandhu) he says,

“It’s a great bond. He is a friend and we are working hard together for the team”

On being asked about friendship with Rashami Desai and Nandish both he says,

Rashami Desai is my muhboli sister and I am always there for her and vice versa. Nandish is a dear friend and partner in BCL. There is no clash of interests. Relationships are a matter of the heart and I am totally a heart person. I value people in my life. Its through right people’s support you go up in life. I attract only right people in life. I have learned it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. There are people who stand by you through thick and thin. Rashami is one such person”.

Way to go Mrunal!