Posted on February 25, 2016 at 2:40 am

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Poland’s Weather Had Rhythm’s Actress Rinil Routh In Tears!

Filmmaker-writer Vivek Kumar’s upcoming musical-romance Rhythm has been majorly shot in Poland and the country’s weather gave the film’s leading lady Rinil Routh a tough time.
Talking about Poland’s weather, Vivek Kumar said,
‘Poland’s weather is absolutely unpredictable and we had a lot of problems with it in both our schedules especially in the second one, as winters were just setting in then. I remember when we were doing the climax of the film, Rinil had to wear costumes that did nothing to keep her warm. She literally was in tears but she really braved through the whole thing and came out with flying colors.’
However, Rinil, now, has nothing but good things to say about Krakow, the city where the film is set.
‘Krakow is a gorgeous city. The people are so beautiful, they are so friendly  and the entire city has this really nice feel to it. Honestly, looking back, I don’t think I can picture Rhythm set in a different place at all,’ she stated.
A Vicky Films Pvt Ltd production, presented by R.N. Kumar, written, produced and directed by Vivek Kumar, starring Adeel Chaudhary and Rinil Routh in lead roles, along with Salman Ahmad (of Junoon Band) in a special appearance who has also composed a few songs, ‘Rhythm’ is all set to release on 26th February, 2016.