Posted on February 8, 2016 at 12:29 am

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Overcome your fears like Neerja!

As kids we were always asked what our fears were. I still remember my family and friends used to teach me how to  conquer my fears and overcome it , coming out strong. Well Sonam Kapoor did just the thing with  all her Instagram fans, as the inspirational and  fearless movie Neerja approaches its release date, Sonam requested her fans and her actor friends to post a 15 second Instagram video of what their fear was and how they overcame it.

Check out some of the touching and heart warming responses she received from her fans!

When Sonam asked everyone to share their fears, she created a chain of change. She was given others courage to come out of their shell and out of their comfort zone giving them a chance to voice what they were most afraid of. Fear is always going to with us throughout life either if its small or big, but overcoming that fright will only let you progress forward it life. Find courage within your fear just like Neerja did.

Each video reposted by the gorgeous actress sends a message to us and somewhat motivates us. I hope that with these videos it will make a difference to you and given you the courage to overcome whatever your fear is. Just like the brave Neerja all of us have that courage we just have to find it!