Posted on February 15, 2016 at 4:15 pm

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#NaaginFever: Five reasons why Mouni Roy makes an epic naagin!

After being inspired by vampires, werewolves and witches of the western world, the Indian Television Industry has taken a more regional approach to the supernatural.With the need for the supernatural on the rise, television has steered towards naagins to fill the need. Redefining the age old trend is Mouni Roy, who plays Shivanya in Colors’ Naagin. Here is what makes her a naagin worth dying for!



After Mouni Roy’s Naagin, more and more makers are keen on exploring the genre. Not only has the actress given rise to a new kind of fashion flare but has also made naagins the hottest news in town. Zee TV will soon be featuring its very own ichardhari naagin based show titled Vishkanya.


Drop Dead Gorgeous

Mouni Roy sure does make one heck of a charming snake. One bite of this beautiful beast will surely make you fall in love! From her transformation as a simple house wife to a vengeful yet stylish snake, the actress has carried herself well throughout the series without any over the top accessories.


Daredevil Diva

A woman of substance and sustenance, Shivanya has no shame in facing the odds. Mouni Roy, as Shivanya carries that message to the audience very well. Whether it be the show of emotion or the passion in Mouni’s eyes, she manages to show the audience that she is here to stay!


Independent Woman

Sure she’s got the supernatural on her side but let’s face it – supernatural or not Shivanya’s story is filled with struggles. While she is a representation of the mystical past, Shivanya is also a representation of the modern woman. An orphaned child, she is out to seek revenge by single-handedly annihilating those who murdered her parents.


Chemistry with Arjun Bijlani

With Mouni Roy and Arjun Bijlani’s friendship already setting an example for friends everywhere it’s their on screen chemistry as lovers that makes the show all the more interesting. Despite knowing that Rithik is her arch nemesis’ son Shivanya shares a friendly bond with him. As a force of the supernatural turned to flesh, she is constantly protecting Rithik who unknowingly reciprocates her care.