Posted on February 22, 2016 at 4:06 pm

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Kaly speaks out about social injustice in "Unspoken"

Asian-American rapper, Kaly, has always created music that spoke truthfully. He used his music as a weapon and this time he speaks out agains the unjust treatment of Sureshbhai Patel’s case in his track “Unspoken.” Check out the music video!

Sureshbhai Patel is an elderly Indian man who came to the United States to visit his son and spend time with his grandchild. He was talking a walk one morning when neighbors, unfamiliar with him, called in that a suspicious man was in the neighborhood. The police came and physically abused the elderly man so badly that he was paralyzed. Patel didn’t know any English thus he couldn’t communicate with the cops to tell them who he was and where he lived. The story of Sureshbhai Patel is a “famous” one, in that it captured our attention for maybe a day or two, and then disappeared. An old Indian man new to the country, paralyzed by an officer sworn to protect him, and a Judge who threw the case out. Kaly however was not ready to forget this injustice.

“I try to hold my opinion until I’ve had enough time to digest all of the facts of a particular story. I’m not immediately jumping on social media to come up with the wittiest one-liner. I wrote this the day after I read about Judge Haikala’s January 13, 2016, Opinion in the matter…and then I waited. To see if anything would change. In the days and weeks that have followed, nothing has. I’m just as angry with my own people as I am with the system; the way we perceive one another, the way we categorize each other.

We are ultimately in charge of what we pay attention to and what we deem important. It is my hope that you will watch this video, share it, and bring more attention to Sureshbhai Patel’s story.”

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