Posted on February 10, 2016 at 4:05 am

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Humaima Malick is a True Zalmi!

Every sports team needs their fans and cheerleaders to keep them going!  So, watch out Islamabad United, because actress Humaima Malick is back again to fight for her fellow Zalmis!  Like a true ambassador, she has been standing by the cricket grounds to cheer on her team!  In the stylish black and white ensemble, she looks like a fearless charismatic diva!  Her choice for the match, as styled by the ‘siddy says style’, is a chic black crop top by Zara which effortlessly goes with Top Shop’s neat white lacey pencil skirt!  Humaima is adorned with mango accessories and she kicks in a white python printed Insignia heels.  The outfit maintains her classy level and is perfect for watching a sports game!  Be sure to try out this look ladies!