Posted on February 13, 2016 at 11:40 pm

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H-Dhami says he’s “Ready!

Best known for the success from his previous singles “Sadke Java”, “Mitran Di Jaan” and “Har Gabroo.” H Dhami is set to make his return with his brand new single “I’m Ready.” Check out the trailer

After spending many months, working hard in the studio with some great people and touring globally, H-Dhami expressed how his family and fans worldwide were keen to see him release new music as it has been a long time coming, however Dhami was adamant that it would be when the time is right and when he felt passionate about the music he was making.

As they say good things come to those who wait so for all the H Dhami fans around the world get ready because H-Dhami is better than ever! In H Dhami`s own words “I’m Ready.”