Posted on February 8, 2016 at 6:05 pm

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Gap’s first Sikh male model becomes a target of racism!

Racism has reared its ugly head once again and this time the target is a well known one. Aero Mexico reportedly did not allow Waris Ahluwalia, a designer/model of Sikh origin, because of his beard and turban.


Ahluwalia shared the following image of himself with his plane ticket on Instagram with the caption,

“This morning I was told I could not board my Aero Mexico flight to NYC because of my beard and turban.”

This is the second racial profiling incident against Ahluwalia. In 2013, his national Gap ad campaign received backlash from individuals when they altered the campaign logo from “Make Love” to “Make Bombs“.

The Sikh community has witnessed a number of these incidents post 9/11 on account of being mistaken for Muslims. Sikh or Muslim, the stereotyping must be stopped because the truth is not every brown man with a beard is a terrorist!