Posted on February 22, 2016 at 11:12 pm

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Finding Fanny becomes a book: The Village of Pointless Conversation!

After the success of Homi Adajania’s film Finding Fanny, the makers are now releasing a book based on the film. Written by Kersi Khambatta, the book is titled The Village Of Pointless Conversation. The book will be launched in the presence of Twinkle Khanna, Homi Adajania, and Naseerudin Shah who have read it and loved the way it has been written. Not just that, the trio will come forward in showcasing their support to the book.

The Village of Pointless Conversation FINAL   COVER

Regarding the creative process, Homi said he would sketch out the story and narrate a scene to Kersi, after which Kersi would send it back to Homi as a chapter.

“Kersi wrote in the style of a novel, meandering through the minds of the characters and helping me set scenes with evocative word pictures. His writing evoked such brilliant imagery that it was a joy for me as a filmmaker to sink my teeth into it when converting it into a screenplay. I would then dissect it and distill the film from the manuscript.”

By the time Homi finished his screenplay, Kersi was sitting on a manuscript and asked for his permission to publish it as a book. Homi gave the nod on the condition that it wouldn’t come out before the film. Kersi added that the film and the book are two separate and completely different entities, commenting,

“It took me nine months to write it and another two years to turn the verbal diarrhoea into something readable.”

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny, the film, was about a journey in a newly-restored vintage car with five dysfunctional people. There’s Ferdie, the village postman, hoping to reunite with his lost love. Also present in the car are the hot-headed Savio, the girl he lost to a friend, Angie, now a virginal widow squashed in the backseat with her corpulent main-law, Rosie, and Don Pedro, a painter who seeks his muse in her generous curves. Over the course of their travels, secrets tumble out, ambitions, desires and bitterness come to a boil, and redemption is sought.