Posted on February 18, 2016 at 10:16 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Feel the 'Rhythm' on 26th February, 2016!

It is always nice when films without the biggest names in Bollywood also generate a lot of buzz.  The upcoming romantic musical ‘Rhythm‘ starring Rinil Routh and Pakistani sensation Adeel Chaudhry has been generating a lot of positive press.  Those who have seen the private screenings have been all praise for the film, which will release officially on 26th February, 2016.  Rhythm is written, directed and produced by Vivek Kumar and is presented by R N Kumar.  Rhythm was in the making for over six years, but is now ready for its big release.

The storyline, as listed on the YouTube official trailer for the film is as follows – Avantika (Played by Rinil Routh) and her group of friends are part of an inter-college music and dance festival. Meanwhile Rohan (Played by Adeel Choudhry) transfers to her college for advanced studies. He falls madly in love with Avantika.  However, due to a failed relationship in her past, Avantika has built a wall around herself and does not let people enter her life beyond a certain point. After a series of incidents Avantika realizes something which changes her life. Watch the film to see how their story progresses!