Posted on February 13, 2016 at 2:23 pm

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“Fans keep telling me that they love me in romantic characters.” – Pankit Thakker

Actor Pankit Thakker has always been known for his iconic romantic characters. After a short break and a series of diverse characters, the actor is back in the skin his fans love the most. His upcoming show Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant features him in the much loved lover boy avatar. His character, Dhyaan and his wife Sharmila (Tanvi Thakker) share a special bond which will make you reminisce the days of Dill Mill Gayye. We sat down with the actor how he felt about his lover boy image and more. Here is what he had to say:

Pankit Tanvi

You have done romantic roles in past . What is the toughest part about doing yet another romantic role?

When you say that I have done romance earlier, I have to make sure that I have to do it differently, which becomes a little tough.For example, let’s say I am doing a character of an obsessive lover. I grow my hair a little long, grow a beard, wear a jacket and it becomes a little easier to believe. Novelty itself has more appreciation. Consciously, I don’t think I have done any romantic characters that are similar. The emotional side of all the characters that I have portrayed so far has been very different. The clothes and my styling has also been very different, but these things do not make a character. These are just crutches to help me find my way. The character is much deeper. If you ask me, every Hindi serial has a love story. It becomes a little difficult to bring in newness into my so called ‘lover boy’ image. In fact the girls opposite me; they bring such different things to the table that I
try to do things the way they do. I always act as per their reactions.

You have been known as the Love Hero of television. How important is it for an actor to have an image?

Fans keep telling me that they love me in romantic characters. With all due to respect, I would rather be called a versatile actor. I am an actor I have done 15 daily soaps and have spent 17 years in the industry and would like to believe that I have done things a little differently. If you see a good cricketer bat and score centuries, they may all seem the same, but the conditions are very different. For us a century is a century. It is similar for actors, too. Each serial is different. I’d not want to be just the Love Hero. I would like to believe that I tried doing different characters and some were liked more than the others. I enjoyed doing Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli. I loved the way I approached my role in Special Squad. I believe I must have something in me as an actor that people want to watch me in daily soaps. I would like to be remembered as an actor who is trying hard.

Over the years, has the meaning of love changed for you?

No. I am just getting to romance newer heroines ha ha rest all is the same. On a serious note, I don’t think it has changed. Love for me has always been the same. I hate when boys treat girls like boys. I always believe that woman should be treated with love. I don’t think love can be defined.

Pankit Thakker

You have worked with Star Network on numerous occasions. Is there something special that you found while working on Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant?

Every serial that I do is very special for me. I don’t do shows just for the fun of it; I do them because somehow I enjoy that part of my life. I have always loved working with Star network. Our track record has always been good; people have always appreciated all the shows I have done on Star. I feel a little poignant about this show because I know that we are in safe hands.

You have been in the industry for quite sometime; have you ever thought about slowing down or having an alternate profession?

I love to act. I have been enjoying it since 17 years. I don’t think I will stop soon. Till the time I get happiness, I will do it. Very few people get the chance of doing what they want to do and very few get the chance of doing new things everyday. I get to play a romantic hero, dance with beautiful ladies, do some stunts, go and see new places. I cherish these moments. I get excited and this shows on screen. I will try to make something of whatever job has been given to me.

You will be very busy after the telecast of the show; will you miss spending quality time with family and friends?

My work will take up most of my time I wont be able to go and watch a film with my family frequently. Even when I am free, I can’t expect everyone to spend time with me, because his or her lives are going on, so at times I will lonely.

Pankit Thakker

Do you at any point fear that you will not get work ?

I think it will take some years. I am fortunate to have got so many years of work behind me. I remember someone close to me had told me that you make your place in the heart of people by giving consistent performance for four to five years. I have been working for 17 years and I believe that I have made a cozy place for myself in the heart of the people.The fear of not getting enough work is perhaps the biggest motivator for me. I don’t think anyone should lose that. At the same time it should not overtake your life. If I don’t worry about failing, I will not excel. For me it always exists and that is why I try to work harder.To be honest, I know I am an actor and I can relax and spend time with my family when not doing a daily-soap, do one show a year and earn enough money.

You played a romantic role inKabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli and you started your career as an actor with Ekta Kapoor. With Ekta promoting this show and standing behind the cast and crew as a pillar of support do you think life has come to a full circle?

I was very young when I did Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli. I enjoyed the fact that I was living my dream.I didn’t even know where I was heading. The only nostalgia that I carry since my KSKS days is that I always do a show with a feeling of not heading anywhere.