Posted on February 25, 2016 at 3:47 pm

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#BCL:Aasiya Kazi's luscious locks are a star attraction!

Aasiya Kazi who is currently being seen in Balika Vadhu is the most popular and stylish player on Nandish Singh and Mrunal Jain’s Ahmedabad Express. The beautiful actress, who is known for her fashion sense, is constantly receiving praise thanks to her luscious locks!


On being asked what is the secret of her long hair Aasiya says,

” My mother has long hair so I guess it is hereditary. Earlier it was a bit difficult to manage long hair because it takes a lot of care. My hair regime includes doing spa, eating healthy food and oiling. I don’t go to parlor because it would be difficult for them to wash my hair. I have seen people doing a lot of things to their hair like drying, straightening and even using a lot of hair products but I avoid all that. I take care of my hair myself. I have heard a lot of people saying that oiling is a must but I oil my hair once a week or sometimes twice a month. I wash my hair every alternate day and if I don’t it gives me irritation.”

Aasiya shares further,

“The best compliment I received was when once I walked on the set with my hair open and my DOP said ,You really look good the way you are.Usually when people look at my hair the first question they ask is how do I maintain my hair. People get numb looking at my hair length so I guess the length of my hair is itself a compliment for me.”

When asked about any problem she faced because of her long hair she says,

“Yes I do face problems during shoot because not everyone wants such long hair for a particular role . But I have always said that I won’t cut my hair for any role no matter what because you never know how long the show would run so I can’t let it affect on me for a lifetime.I give them options of wig and how to cover it up is my look out.”

The actress further talk about her team members who were seen in fun mood with her hair,

“Guy’s are always shocked when they see such long hair and they are like can I touch and see. So boys got into action mode and decided to have some fun and we clicked a candid pic and a picture surely speaks thousand words”

Aasiya is a key player of BCL Season 2 which is set to air March 5th.