Posted on February 27, 2016 at 11:55 am

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#BCL: Ahmedabad Express had a blast in Surat!

Ahmedabad Express sure does travel at the speed of light! After wonderful innings in Indore the team decided to wave their banner over Surat. The team accompanied by Nandish Singh and Gaurav Aggarwal set out for a an unforgettable trip which landed them in the promotions zones.

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On being asked about Surat trip experience Akanksha Singh says,

“It was a lovely trip. Though we were very few team member but we enjoyed it like anything. The whole road trip ad promotion was a great fun.We did some crazy dub smashes there. It was a hectic day as we were there only for a day so we didn’t get any chance to try local cuisine. We have also shot some random videos on the roads too. The people in Surat were really very sweet and humble”.

Munisha Khatwani says,”My Surat experience was super fun.I had a great time interacting with everyone.I enjoyed the mall activity and I cheered for the boys while they played virtual cricket.Apart from that everyone was making dub smashes videos.Promoting our team was a lot of fun.The best part about the trip was that everyone was so kind and warm towards me.I truly appreciate the kind of personal touch Nandish and Gaurav gave”.

Vinod Singh also talks about his Surat trip

,”My Surat visit experience was something truly worth remembering.We had a great time with the team not only we bond well but we laughed and laughed our hearts out.We got a good support from the audience and had a good time interacting with the crowd during the mall visit.After the press conference we had a chance to play virtual cricket in which I got to play cricket with my favorite bowlers(Brett Lee,Shoaib Akhtar and Shane Warren).That was a super fun and all of us were cheering for each other while batting. Creating dub smashes videos with Gaurav and Akanksha was a different and exciting experience. Overall the fun we had is difficult to put in words but I can only say this is one trip I will never forget.”

Amit Gaur adds, “It was my first trip with The Ahmedabad Express team and it was awesome experience.”

Well we hope breathing in a bit of Gujarat made you feel one step closer to home (Ahmedabad)!