Posted on January 25, 2016 at 11:38 am

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"My father is my strength!" – Mrunal Jain

Actor Mrunal Jain who co-owns Ahmedabad Express along with Nandish Sandhu is man who feels life is all about loving your parents.


The Uttaran protege says,

“I look up to my father Shailesh Jain. He has given me best upbringing. He stood by me through thick and thin. he is a man of few words. Since childhood all my needs and wants were fulfilled. One doesn’t need fathers day to express ones feelings and emotions. My father is a workaholic. He manages his work efficiently. I wish I can also work as hard as him. He never stopped me from pursuing my dream of a career in acting. His unconditional support mean the world to me”

On being asked what makes him most happy he says,

“When I gift something to my father I feel very good. I always feel happy in his happiness. My father is my strength and my leadership qualities are also inherited from him. I salute my father no the occasion of Republic Day and I want to tell him I will always be his little son whom he taught how to walk in life and stand on my own feet.”

Well Mrunal, we hope that your relationship continues to thrive!