Posted on January 19, 2016 at 7:55 am

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Here's why India should be proud of Sunny Leone!

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone made headlines once again when CNN-IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey set out to defame her in a live interview.


Riding high on the stallion of male privilege the journalist continued to press questions of Sunny Leone’s past life and professional run as an Indo-Canadian porn star. Despite Leone’s repeated attempts to state that her past does not make her uncomfortable in any way, Chaubey simply did not budge from the topic. Like the growing majority of delusional chauvinist, Chaubey blamed Leone for the negative impact her presence has had on the Indian culture. Leone’s responses to his irrational questioning by calling Chaubey out and rightfully so.

Now in the sixteenth year of the twenty-first century India has progressed in a number of fields but seems to lack common sense. We want our women to be bold and brave, but we shun them when they’re exactly that! We whistle when music videos with women dancing around in short skirts play on the television screen but use that same short skirt as an excuse to openly rape and beat women. We claim that our women are empowered but spare no chance at overpowering and oppressing them.

Sunny Leone

Let’s face it- whatever her past profession was, whatever her life story is – Sunny Leone is a self made woman and India should be proud of who she is today. Unlike many before her, Leone is not trying to mask her past, but is embracing it as she walks into the future. Not many women (or men) are able to embrace their past the way Leone has. Her perseverance and hard work make her the celebrity she is today.

Porn star or super star – whatever label you may want to give her let’s not forget, Sunny Leone is a human being first.