Posted on January 2, 2016 at 3:57 am

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Desperate Prince Narula fans cause Twitter ruckus on Mandana Karimi!

As the Bigg Boss 9 Grand Finale draws close, fans of various contestants are predictably slugging it out on Twitter. But one legion which is the nastiest of them all, belongs to the ‘Gautam Gulati makeover’ called Prince Narula. His fans have gone so desperate to announce him as ‘a winner’ that they are attacking whoever comes in the way.

One such target they caught on to last week, turned out to be firebrand Mandana Karimi’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. After he opposed them for photo-shopping popularity polls and screenshots of their idol trending on Twitter, they lashed out at the publicist in hundreds, with all sorts of wicked barbs.

Prince Narula on Bigg Boss - Pic 3 (Image Courtesy - Colors)

The only thing they hadn’t realized is that this public relations man is a master at spin, and a specialist with handling the publicity for reality television contestants. Soon he began catching them word for word, and giving it back to them fact by fact.

Mandana Karimi with guest Sonam Kapoor on Bigg Boss. (Image Courtesy - Colors.)

Most of Narula’s malevolent fans backed off. Some blocked him in desperation while others began using swear words, losing arguments and ultimately giving up.

“My PR clients are like children to a mother. I can’t let their branding be taken for granted,” Dale tweeted. “After all, image-protection is part of my job. I’m their armour while they are in Bigg Boss, and no army can penetrate that,” he added with a wink emoticon.