Posted on January 4, 2016 at 6:28 pm

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5 Famous Hollywood Franchise films we want to see Irrfan in!

Irrfan Khan who’ll be celebrating his 49th birthday this Thursday, appeared in two Hollywood franchise films – The Amazing Spider-Man and Jurassic World and made us extremely proud, the actor is India’s most successful export to Hollywood.

Let’s take a look at some famous Hollywood Franchise Films we would like to see him star in:

James Bond: 

Yes! We would like to see the cult Indian actor play James Bond in the staggeringly successful and famous franchise film. Irrfan has got the perfect quotient of style, sophistication and intelligence required to play the debonair hero. The actor can fit in any given role and make it his own. He is that impromptu though.

 Pirates of the Caribbean:

If there is any Indian actor who can play the brave pirate ruling on the seven seas, it’s nonetheless Irrfan Khan. Though Johnny Depp has created a niche by playing the rum-soaked buccaneer hero, Irrfan Khan is the only actor who can beat him and outplay the role.


 Men in Black:

If Barry Sonnenfeld decides to make another installment of the American sci-fi comedy action spy series. Irrfan Khan would be apt choice to fit in alongside Will Smith and Tommy Lees Jones. The franchise created magic with its earlier films -be it Will Smith charisma or the theme song to linger long on. Irrfan would certainly add-on to the entertainment bonanza.

The Fast and the Furious:     

Though Ali Fazal did a small stint in Fast and Furious 7, we would like to see Irffan in a parallel lead along with the other star cast. The cast has a commendable ethnic diversity and Irrfan will expand this diversion. Every actor in the film stands in their own light and that’s the kinda film Irrfan would look good in.

Hunger Games:

It’s remarkable how quickly the film has become a worldwide favorite film series. Owing to the humongous success of the franchise. We would like to see Irrfan in the film series and how he can add to the adventure of the film.