Posted on January 26, 2016 at 5:58 am

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26th January is Republic Day. TV folk talk about the Most favorite patriotic film!

Today is India’s Republic Day and everyone is celebrating and TV actors tell us there favorite patriotic film! Here is what they enjoy the most!
Pratyusha Banerjee- My favorite patriotic movie is Veer Zara because it was the perfect patriotic movie.It had patriotism ,love and was very realistic.The songs in this movie are superb.
pratyusha banerjee (2)
Sudeep Sahir- My favorite patriotic movie is Roja.It is a fantastic patriotic movie and it rises our patriotic spirits.
Sudeep Sahir
Vivek Mishra-My favorite patriotic movie is Veer-Zara because I love Shahrukh Khan movies and SRK has done outstanding performance in this movie.
Vivek Mishra.3

Ravi Dubey-My favorite patriotic movie is Border.I have seen Border so may times and every time when I watch this movie it gives so many emotions and when you see that movie your feeling to do something for the nation rises.The dedication that soldier are serving to our country is commendable


Ravi Dubey

Vivian Dsena– My favorite patriotic movie is Shahid Bhagat Singh because I personally like bhagat singh as a character and for what he did for the country.

Vivian Dsena new

Himmanshoo Malhotra– My favorite patriotic movie is The legend of Bhagat Singh for its sheer craft,performances,fabulous execution and direction.The film tells us about the journey of our real heroes & legends Bhagat singh , Sukhdev & Rajguru as to what all they had to go through to get us the freedom that we enjoy today .They dis 101 days of fasting in jail .Hats off to their determination grit and will power.I salute to the real heroes of the country who gave up their lives so that we could live free in years to come.

Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra-2
Aishwarya Sakuja-My favorite patriotic movie is Border because i could relate to it as my father was in the army.I understand how difficult it is for the families and the soldiers away from home.
Aishwarya Sakuja
Tinaa Dattaa--My favorite patriotic movie is Swades because  it shows the love of modern man towards his country. He uses his education for the welfare of his own country rather than going to abroad.
Tina Datta
Raman Handa-My favorite patriotic movie is Bhagat Singh because this movie is a tribute to all the freedom fighters who fought for our freedom.
Raman Handa
Vahbbiz Dorabjee-My favorite patriotic movie is The Legend of Bhagat Singh.I love this movie and Ajay Devgan did outstanding performance in this movie.
Vahbiz Dorabajee in Red
Aniruddh Dave– My favorite patriotic movie is Border because it has shown the emotions of Bharat ki sena ke Jaawano ka brilliantly.It made me think of how much sacrifices they do for us to be safe in our country.
Aniruddh Dave new pic
Rashami Desai--My favorite patriotic movie is Rang De Basanti because I can relate myself to it as it differentiates the present life and past sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters.It gives the motivation to do something for our country.
Rashami Desai in red
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