Posted on December 7, 2015 at 9:11 pm

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Urban Chugli: what got this up-and-coming actor booted from a big film?

Hold on to your dupattas! Miss Chugli has arrived and she’s ready to spill the chai on all your favorite Indian stars! Don’t expect her to make it too easy for you, though. If you think your gossip game is strong enough, check out the hints she’s dropped and see if you can figure out the subject of today’s chugli.


We’ve seen this young actor claw his way up from the small screen to being on the wish lists of some of India’s biggest directors. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t stepped on a few toes along the way!

After a series of career speed bumps (including shooting delays and shelved projects), our guy finally seemed to be getting it together. He had signed a high-profile project that had ‘Hit’ written all over it: a film adaptation of a popular author’s latest bestseller. The film’s producer, an industry bigwig with a notorious temper, set just one condition before our young star. He was not to sign any other films with his female costar, as the producer wanted to be the first to showcase their jodi.

So what does this up-and-comer do? He turns around and signs a film opposite the one actress he was barred from working with!

We hear the scene that followed was quite explosive. When the volatile producer found out, expletives went flying left, right, and center. The actor and producer will publicly cite date issues for the casting change, but the truth is that our talented young star was promptly booted out of the film for not following the rules. Très dramatic!

Now the producer is left scrambling for a male lead before the much-talked-about film can go on floors. The most likely candidate is a star kid of middling talent who has worked with the popular author before. If all goes well, his casting should be announced soon. Let’s hope that he doesn’t manage to ruffle any feathers!