Posted on December 4, 2015 at 2:41 am

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Sonnalli Seygall’s Life Changing Experience in Kolkata!

Sonnalli Seygall recently visited her hometown, Kolkata where she checked in at all the places in her ‘must-go-back-to’ list. She also got the chance to meet two extremely inspirational women, which left her heavy-hearted. We see the on-going issues in the world with victims who have been attacked with acid. The actress spent some time with two wonderful ladies who were attacked by acid. As a blogger and founder of this site – we love charity we love giving back and we also love working with causes like Acid Attacks organizations. Why is this happening in India still, we still don’t know why? But these ladies are brave and amazing to fight against such acts.  The actress was introduced to two acid attack victims Reshma (22 years) & Paoli (40)  from ASFI (Acid Survivors Foundation of India), a foundation that works recklessly to prevent acid burn violence as well as to provide support services to survivors. Sonnalli got the chance to meet them over lunch and spend some time as they shared their heart-rending story. Reshma a bread-owner of her family from Siliguri, was proposed by a man. Only because she chose to turn him down, is why her life has taken this miserable turn.

Well we should all have normal lives no matter who we are and what we look like. The actress was left speechless as she told UrbanAsian:

I was left so speechless listening to their life stories. After all that they have gone through, both Reshma & Paoli are so full of life. They have left an ever-lasting impression on me and the way I think.” 



Having centers in Kolkata, Mumbai & Delhi, ASFI are channeling all their efforts for a better life of these acid survivors. Talking about the foundation, Sonnalli said,

“They are doing an incredible job in getting about a change and generating public awareness. All we can do is educate people to eradicate acid violence from India through social, educational and regulatory measures.” 

Sonnalli was in Kolkata for some personal work and was overwhelmed by the reception her latest film has received. So the next time you meet a victim of acid attacks be sure to share the story with us at We would love to hear it!