Posted on December 6, 2015 at 12:13 am

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#PiyaRangrezz: Five questions that audiences are asking about the leap!

Life OK’s Piya Rangrezz (Sphere Origins) is set to take a leap of 25 years on some time mid December. Post leap, female lead Kirtida Mistry along with Rehan Sayed (Sumer) and Gajraa (Shalu Shreya) will no longer be part of the show. The disheartening news has come with a list of questions regarding the pre-leap track. Here are five loopholes in the story fans simply cannot seem to wrap their head around.

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Who was Sumer and how did he end up being Bhavari’s beloved son?

Call them whatever you may but Bhavari Devi has many stooges so what then made Sumer so special. Throughout the show, audiences saw that she gave Sumer a special place in the family while her other workers remained at a distance. Bikas and Munna mama often took offense to this but Bhavari would have it no other way. Why this was will never be answered.


What happened to Shraddha’s brother?

Initially, Shraddha was concerned about her long lost brother and even believed that her husband Sher was behind his mysterious disappearance. However, not only was the brother never found but Shraddha never questioned Sher as to what really happened.

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Why didn’t Virat ever come back for revenge?

Virat (Sahil Phull) was introduced as a strong negative role who added a much needed twist to the tale. Audiences appreciated the character to the point that they loved to hate him. In fact many were surprised that a strong character such as Virat never came back for revenge.


Why is no one inquiring about Aditya?

So Bhavari takes Aditya into the woods and shoots him and that is the end of that. Well there should have been more to it, don’t you think. It is mind boggling that no one in the house seemed to have missed Aditya or inquire about his whereabouts. Now I understand he was not exactly the nicest guy on the planet but I’m sure you would notice that he was missing in action.

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Why did Gajraa stay back at Bhavari’s place despite having her debt forgiven? Was she in love with Sumer? If so, why didn’t she say anything?

It was a given fact that Gajraa was in love with Sumer so what ever happened? I mean come on Gajraa didn’t voluntarily remain in Bhavari’s house for no reason. So then why wouldn’t they confess their love? Well the greater question is, why weren’t their characters developed properly. Audiences saw the potential in their characters but felt that they were being used for nothing more than fillers. Wall flowers much?