Posted on December 31, 2015 at 6:47 pm

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Moroccan Beauty Nora Fatehi has Salman going gaga over her!

Baahubali fame Nora Fatehi is creating wonders in the Bigg Boss House. The talented beauty has impressed Salman Khan with her charm.  Her dancing skills coupled with her never say no attitude have been greatly appreciated by the actor.  Do not be fooled by her dainty frame, for she has been performing every physical task to the best of her ability. Whether it was lifting heavy weights in the challenger’s task or being taken on by a woman wrestler, Nora has done it all, an ability that did not go unnoticed by Salman Khan.

Nora Fatehi with Salman Khan

Salman Khan recently complimented her physical ability and dancing prowess,

“Nora, aapne kitna accha dance kiya.”

In a recent episode Salman asked the gorgeous beauty to sing “Jumme Ki Raat.” In return he sang to her a cute rendition of this all time favourite number with a twist,

“Oh Nore Nore baki chore, kabhi meri gali aya karo.”

Looks like he was totally smitten by Nora’s super cute charm! Here’s wishing the actress all the best for the show.