Posted on December 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm

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Kangana is a 'class act'

While most contemporary actresses ensure they make their presence felt in the media around the film release of their rival actresses, the Queen herself yet again goes against the tide and stands her own. Kangana, post her last film release decided to keep her media presence to the bare minimum and deep dived into the prep and shoot of her next film Rangoon.


Says an insider source,

“Whilst the promotions of Katti Batti, Deepika Padukone seemed to have been quite visible despite it being Kangana’s film. Many media stories of their so called rivalry made their way into the press without there being any base. However now, with Deepika’s last two releases, Kangana steered clear of any unnecessary media space for herself. She stuck to focusing on herself and her film work – a sign of a true actor, real star.”

Another industry wallah also mentioned how Deepika’s move seemed like an insecure cry for attention but Kangana made her silence speak volumes of how complete she is her own space especially since she has 4 films lined up whilst Deepika doesn’t seem to have any Bollywood film release slated for 2016.

Well it does seem evident that there are stars who need to be heard and then there are the likes of the Queen who says it’s all without saying anything at all.