Posted on December 19, 2015 at 2:36 pm

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Josh’s Rup Magon stars in the short Bonjour Ji!

One of the lead singers of the band JoSH, Rup Magon, has switched gears from versatile singer to award-winning acting in this new short film titled, Bonjour Ji! The film has already taken the South Asian film festival circuit by storm winning 5 out of 6 festivals!


Set in Montreal, Bonjour Ji is a simple, heart-warming tale of the misconceptions and prejudices we all live with. Bonjour Ji comes at a time when the world could use this powerful message of love, hope and humanity. This unique story revolves around a French-speaking Sikh gentleman played by Rup Magon. Rup was also born in Montreal and when asked about his connection to the story, answered,

“At times I feel more Quebecois than Punjabi, I’m very close to this city and province”.

Bonjour Ji
is the beautiful directorial debut of Satinder Kassoana. In his first film, which he wrote and edited, he has delivered a much needed story to the world. The project was dreamt up and flawlessly put together by first time producer Surjit Pahwa of Micromeg Movies. The Bonjour Ji team decided to release their short film online for the public for the first time! Take a look and see for yourself!

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