Posted on December 8, 2015 at 3:59 am

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Jewels: Razia Kunj to Debut Her Jewelry Line!

Razia Kunj, a Mumbai based designer is all set to debut her collection of hand crafted and hand painted jewelry named ‘Art and Facts’ on December 12th and 13th at The Easel in Juhu, Mumbai.

Always fascinated by Indian art and architecture, this collection aims to bridge the gap between art & jewelry. Kunj’s passion is to take art from the walls of galleries and temples, from the pages of Indian folklore, from dance forms and tribal art, from forgotten nook and crannies of rural India and hand it to a woman as a form of adornment. It is a culmination of a series of experiments with art and fashion.

Kunj maintains that wearable art will continue to be her theme but she will be experimenting with graphic forms such as recycling and pop art. Razia does not believe in mass manufacturing hence each jewelry line will have a limited number of pieces each designer by her and hand painted and crafted by her team of artists.

So for all you art lovers out there, check out the ultimate in artistic jewelry!

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