Posted on December 31, 2015 at 4:09 am

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"If I wasn’t singing, who knows—I would explore acting, painting and writing" – Abbas Hasan

When it comes to writing about Music or even Music artists i find it very interesting because there is tends to be a story or an inspiration behind that career choice. I recently had the chance to interview the versatile and amazing music artist Abbas Hasan.  His journey as an artist had progressed so much since childhood and he has been open to many more opportunities making him an all-rounder.


1. What motivated you to pursue a career as an artist?

When I began recording with Disney Studios in Paris as a child. I think that the experience of working in a professional studio setting at such a young age taught me a lot and inspired me to pursue this life. Also I think we artists in general have a tremendous need to express ourselves.

2. Are you happy about being the “New Face” for International FashionBrand Mastrioni? why? Do you think this will help your career?

It’s really exciting to be chosen to front their new campaign. Mastrioni is such a cool brand and I love that they view fashion as art. I don’t really see modelling as a career, as I am first and foremost a musician, but it is part of what I do and when I get to work with incredible brands like Mastrioni then it’s certainly something very special.  

3. How were you feeling when you won Artist of the Year Award? Were you shocked when you received it?

Of course winning the “Artist of the Year” award was a great moment for me and even more so because it was held in Canada. Of course it always feels good to be recognized for one’s contribution, and specially with all the exciting project I have going on right now it only drives me to go even farther.

4.You have signed as an ambassador for the Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards. How does that feel?

But of all the honours I’ve held over the past few years, it feels overwhelming and extra special to have the Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards academy supporting my work. I believe that music and the arts are intended to bring people together and break boundaries, and as an Asian artist this message rings true to everything that I do.

5. How did it feel to go touring with the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra?

Since performing at the Times of India Film Awards, and doing collaborations with Shahrukh Khan’s team and touring with Shreya Ghoshal etc, it’s been a really exciting journey. I love life on the road—every destination is a new story and working with the greats from Bollywood really taught me a lot. All these experiences and friendships have shaped my artistic choices dramatically and that’s why I’m excited for what’s to come.

6. You’ve been featured in Hello Magazine, were photographed at Elton John’s party with Freida Pinto and most recently sang ‘happy birthday’ at Karan Johar’s birthday party. Seems you are very busy! How did you find the experience?

Since performing at the Times of India Film Awards, and doing collaborations with Shahrukh Khan’s team and touring with Shreya Ghoshal etc, it’s been a really exciting journey. Karan’s party was held in London so it was great to see the whole gang, and the whole ‘happy birthday’ thing was just something that we planned as a surprise at the last minute.

 7. What is the song “Sweet Girl” about? Does it tell a story?

Don’t all my songs? [he laughs]. With me, you know there’s always a story. ‘Sweet Girl’ is a song about obsession. Musically it was a departure from ‘Away’ which was an ironic love-song/hip-hop-desi-ballad! For “Sweet Girl” I wanted to create a trashy-pop sound and create something that my Habibis could dance to. Of course it also brings in my middle-eastern influences to contrast against the trashy-pop sound.  I think when people watch the video starring Armeena Khan, the story makes more sense.

8. Tell us more about the video for “Sweet Girl” and how was it like working with Armeena Khan

It’s a story of longing, obsession, jealousy and even black magic. It was initially meant as a sequel to away so you see Armeena’s character reacting to seeing Humaima Malick and I on screen. Armeena and I have been meaning to do a video together for ages. She’s a fellow Canadian and we’ve been friends for a long time. In her blockbuster film “Bin Roye”, her fans saw her as this sweet angelic girl. I wanted to show a different side to her in this video, so you see her as the Sweet Girl but you also see her as the black swan with a dark and even dangerous streak. I knew Armeena could carry off both roles and I wanted her fans to be able to see it.


9. If hadn’t become a singer what would you have done instead? What career path would have chosen?

If I wasn’t singing, who knows—I would explore acting, painting and writing. I’d be creating art in some form or another. For me it’s all about music, art and sharing the love. Whether I’m acting or singing, I will always be making music.

10. What’s the best way for your fans to connect with you?

The best is to follow me on Instagram @abbashasanofficial and twtter @abbashasanmusic. My facebook fan page is also a good way to keep up to date (/abbashasanonline). I always try to respond to my fans. Lots of love to all my Habibis. It’s all for you.


We hope to see more of Abbas work in the future and we wish all the best for that!