Posted on December 7, 2015 at 5:15 am

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Ep. 10 Quantico- Quantico

After last week’s episode I think we are all wanting to know who is the actual person behind all these bombing happening in New York and so far the doubts are turning towards Simon after he was given the blue prints of all train stations in New York. But do you think he is the one behind all of this? Is Simon really who he says he is?

The episode starts out with Alex pleading Guilty in front of the Judges in court, to buy her some time before her sentencing in 24 hours the whole team of Quantico has teamed up together and will help Alex, Liamand Miranda find the second bomb.

793d6660-14f2-40c6-83ec-377146dd5702Even though everyone is a suspect do you think Alex made the right move of spying on her own team, her friends? I mean we figured out what Simon is up to with his friend from the past, and when everyone realized what Alex had done behind there back’s, it wasn’t right for them to turn their backs on her!

Going back to training days at Quantico, today in class everyone secret’s one by one were being revealed and the biggest one we have heard is Simon’s and his life in Gaza and what really happened, Agent Booth confesses to his class how he is not a trainee but has come to Quantico as an undercover agent. Every week we learn a new secret and it somehow it links back to the Grand Central bombing don’t you think?


222be9b5-7f23-4518-b1a7-cfa4a4e57d9bWe also discover that Shelby does not have a sister but she was being conned for money , Simon is asked to leave Quantico for attacking his fellow classmates in the beginning days at Quantico. Every week we learn about a someone’s secret and there tends to be a lesson behind it, we are so close to the winter finale that each week leaves us hanging and your questions are left unanswered.

We will just have to wait and see what happens next week and see if the second bomb is ever found!