Posted on December 2, 2015 at 5:22 am

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Anushka Sharma is not here for your sexist headlines!

Don’t mess with Anushka Sharma!

The actress has been receiving applause from all corners for tackling sexism in the film industry during an interview for Anupama Chopra’s YouTube channel, The Film Companion.

Speaking about gender-based discrimination, Anushka pointed out that the treatment of actresses in Bollywood reflected the treatment of women in society, saying,

“I don’t know why it’s done, but I think it’s because it’s in our society. Boys are more important. It’s just there. Like for example, even if there’s an actor at the same stature who would on his own be able to bring that much money for a film, he would still get paid more money because he’s a guy. It’s not like they’re thinking… it’s just ingrained. No one’s going out of their way to do that, it’s just there.”

And after bravely speaking out about the struggles she and other actresses face, Anushka was not about to let this sexist headline from The Huffington Post slide!

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Despite the obvious intention to compliment the actress, The Huffington Post still defaulted to a masculine description of her attitude and actions to express their approval.

Kudos to Anushka for pressing the issue! It’s exactly these type of micro-aggressions we need to do away with in order to narrow the playing field for men and women.

Next time, we’re sure The Huffington Post will be more mindful of the language they use. Rock on, Anushka!