Posted on December 17, 2015 at 1:26 am

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5 Reasons why we can’t wait to see Dilwale!

There’s only 2 more days left until the release of the highly anticipated Rohit Shetty film, Dilwale! The Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon starrer is a romantic comedy with some epic brotherly love involved. Why are we uber excited about watching the film? Well take a peek at our top 5 reasons to head to the theater this Friday!

1. Amazing music! Dilwale’s soundtrack has already become the most popular soundtrack of 2015 with over 10 crore streams! There is a little of everything, a fun dance track like “Manma Emotion,” romantic tracks like “Gerua” and even a silly one like “Tukur Tukur.”

2. Being a Rohit Shetty flick we can absolutely expect some kick butt action sequences and intense explosions going down.


3. The EPIC reunion of the King and Queen of romance, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol! After all of these years people still try to find “the next Shah Rukh and Kajol,” but no other jodi has lived up to their legacy. The romance, the drama, the intense fire that simmers between the two of them in every film is sure to be the best part of Dilwale!


4. Rohit Shetty is known for his comedy and pairing his skill with Varun Dhawan’s perfect comic timing results in some hilarious moments. Critics have gone as far as to to say Varun is the next Govinda!


5. Fashion. The fashion in the film, though nothing extraordinary, seems to be perfectly set for the actors and their roles. Varun looks youthful, Kriti looks sweet, Shah Rukh looks suave and sexy while Kajol looks like she has gotten more beautiful with age! Everyone is dressed age appropriate for once in a Bollywood film and the film’s fashion team did an amazing job making SRK and Kajol look gorgeous without making it look like they were trying too hard to be young. They all looked perfect in not just the film but during promotional events as well!

Now that you know why we can’t wait to see Dilwale, let us know why you want to see the film!