Posted on December 19, 2015 at 12:00 am

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#12DaysOfChristmas Day 6- The cheap and effective way of doing Garba!

Garba is only for Navratri eh? Well not anymore! For decades Gujarati Christians have been gathering for Garba nights during the week of Christmas and New Years. Christians in Gujarat celebrate with all-nighters which include Christmas Carols and Garba!


Not to sound stereotypical (I’m Gujarati), but the best part about having our Garbas in December is the fact that all ghagra-cholis and kurtas can be bought on sale! Just weeks from Navarati, shopping for Christmas Garba becomes a whole lot cheaper and much more fruitful in terms of fashion trends.

With more varieties of ghagra-cholis and kurtas available at a ‘post holiday’ sale price, Christmas shopping becomes all the more worth it!