Posted on December 18, 2015 at 12:00 am

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#12DaysOfChristmas Day 5- Mom’s multicolored fruitcake!

No matter how many new dishes she has learned to cook, no matter what new recipe she anticipated on attempting, my mother always ends up with one fine dessert for the family – Fruitcake!


If you have been raised in an Indian Christian family, you know that a lonesome fruit cake (also known as tutti fruity cake) is hiding in between the chocolate pudding, kheer, ladoos and ice cream. The sad part is, the cake will still be lying on the very table a week later on New Years.

It’s not that the fruit cake is bad, it’s not that the fruit cake is home made, it’s just that the fruit cake does not stand a chance against all those other delicacies laid out on the table.

If mom and grandma haven’t finished the cake by New Year’s, chances are it ended up at chacha’s house as a present!