Posted on November 5, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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"Working with Pankit was like a dream come true!" – Nabha Deshpande

Often times, art imitates life but there are a rare and precious times where art has given rise to life. Such is the case of Nabha Deshpande, an actress who was recently given the chance of working with her on screen idol Pankit Thakker. The gorgeous actress says that the after working with Pankit, she has become inspired to work even harder.


She further reveals,

“I was more than excited to work with Mr Pankit Thakker as I’m a huge fan of his work and his portrayal of Dr Atul Joshi in Dill Mill Gayye. His performance in DMG inspired me so much I myself inspired to be a doctor.”

And now Nabha Deshpande is a doctor (physiotherapist) by profession! However, her secret ambition of acting has led her to the world of glamour where she uses her talent for the good of mankind. Her current project is a short film on celebrating a safe Diwali.

On her experience of meeting Pankit she says,

“Those you have been watching on screen for years, when they happen to meet you, you feel extremely nice. With the kind of work he has done, one can think he is arrogant and full of attitude. But I believe he is one of the most down-to-earth person one can ever meet. Initially, it was frightening. I had to seek a way to bond with him as an actor. Once that clumsiness was over, I realized he cares as much for his co-star’s shots as his own. He carries out the same kind of passion.”

The newbie director Roshan Kinger is also all praises for the actor,

“As a person, Pankit has always been inspiring and helping, right when we were shooting for a television show, he has always encouraged me to do what I feel is right. As an artist, Pankit is a director’s actor. I never had to worry about Pankit’s part. All thanks to his journey and experience.”

Directed by Roshan Kinger and Sagar Howal, under the banner of Layman Stories, Dilwali Diwali features Pankit Thakker and Nabha Deshpande taking the lead to a lifestyle change.