Posted on November 4, 2015 at 1:29 am

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Where's the Entertainment Bigg Boss?

Let me just start off by saying WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS SEASON OF BIGG BOSS? Everyone seems to be going on with their own minds not caring about the audience or even their reputation,  in this season there is no entertainment, no politics, and best of all no one is even doing the task properly. They all think that laughing around at the end of the day makes things so much better… ya right!

Last night during Bigg Boss weekend with Salman Khan 2 guest speakers Karan Kundra who is good friends with Prince , along with  Shaleen Malhotra who is good friends with Suyyash Rai were both asked to express what they think about their friends so far through the season and if there’s anything different about them. Karan Kundra describes how Prince hasn’t been playing his best so far and he seems to have a different nature in the house usual. Shaleen expresses how ever since Suyyash has entered the house he has come out of his comfort zone and he is being portrayed as a frustration person, and he is not being able to entertain the audience.And both view points are correct and understandable that something needs to be done, throughout the night Salman does a reality check on all the inmates telling them that if they are just sitting around waiting for the 2 months to be over then they are wrong because the show could be extended anytime.

AHHHH… where is the entertainment when you need it??

All i can say is let’s just hope that after the wild card entry people make their way to the BB house some changes will happen for the benefit of them and the audience will finally get some entertainment because so far all we have been witnessing is screaming,shouting, and some full on emotional drama instead of doing the tasks properly and diligently.