Posted on November 23, 2015 at 12:25 am

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Vir Das' 'Unbelievablish' is globalized comedy with an authentic Indian twist!

If you thought his “potcasts” were funny, guess again!


After delivering a power packed performance in India and Dubai, India’s number one comedian turned actor Vir Das took America by storm as his performances at New York’s Caroline’s on Broadway received a thundering applause.

A unique amalgamation of modern global comedy and authentic Indian tadka, ‘Unbelievablish‘ thrives on the old saying, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”. While some of the sets performed during the act were real life events, others were made up and the audiences was left to decide which story is true and which is false.

From the moment Vir addressed his audience in Hindi, South Asians including myself hooted and cheered as the ‘safed logg’ looked on with confusion. The awkwardly comical ice breaker was enough to tell the world of comedy, India has arrived!

The USP of the act was Vir’s successful attempt at making a mark for the Indian comedy scene while keeping the Non-South Asian audiences engaged. Hinting at a dash of NRI nostalgia, he spoke of everything from arranged marriages to watching Hollywood kissing scenes with sanskaari Indian parents in the same room as you and that was just the beginning.

Vir Das proved once again, “once you go brown, the others will truly let you down!”