Posted on November 5, 2015 at 2:17 am

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Throwback Time: #SidSessions 1st Anniversary!


Gosh, time sure does fly!  This time last year, we were all in splits courtesy the suave and quick witted Sid Mallya and his quirky banter for his web series #SidSessions. Known for that crazy and impeccable Brit humour, Sid entertained fans with a series of hilarious web episodes where he poked fun at himself and made everyone take notice of how he did it with élan. On Thursday, October 29, 2015 was a year for his venture and we have to admit that we’re definitely missing it.

Speaking about the show, Sid tweeted on the day, “Today is the 1st year anniversary of #SidSessions! Maybe season 2?” 

Sid Mallya 2

In the online video show, Sid answered obscure questions posed via comments on social platforms without batting an eye. The actor has proved that he can take a joke on himself by responding to all the comments in way no one has done before.

‘#SidSessions’ is the actor’s first production venture under 7STORM MEDIA, set up to create ‘original and interesting web based content’.

Best of luck to Sid and his venture!