Posted on November 2, 2015 at 2:28 pm

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The many faces of an SRK Fan!

When I hear the name Shahrukh Khan, I remember the times when I was standing in front of my TV as a kid and trying to mimic his steps and then hop on a stage and perform. I also remember in 2004 when my family and I traveled to Washington, DC from North Carolina to go see his show, I was nine years old and was entirely swooned in SRK’s loveable performance. And of course I go see every single Shahrukh Khan film in cinemas and fall in love with his charm and humble persona.

I think it’s fascinating how influential he has been on many peoples lives all around the world. He hasn’t created a fan-base, the fans have created him. We have admired him, raised him up on a pedestal, and recognized the self-made-man who has grown entirely large in the Indian Film Industry.


On this day, Red Chillies Entertainment team has compiled this beautiful clip of various fans from all over. They tell us how he has created an impact on their lives in some shape or form. Whether it’s personal encounters or simply seeing him at the movies on Friday, or standing outside his home Mannat and getting a glance of his face.

Shahrukh Khan is celebrating 50 years of his life, and of these 50 years 27 he had dedicated to us since his first film. He has given us the thought of love, the feeling of heartbreak and most importantly entertainment!

SRK has been dedicating some time to visit his fans outside his house. Check out these exclusive piccs!

The entire Urban Asian team loves Shahrukh Khan and wishes him a huge Happy 50th Birthday!