Posted on November 4, 2015 at 1:43 am

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Prachi Desai goes fitter and leaner for Rock on 2!

The gorgeous Prachi Desai who will be seen leading opposite Farhan Akhtar in Rock On 2 has grabbed a million eyeballs with her new stylish and chic look! Needless to say, Prachi has impressed us with her complete new avatar; we hear she has gone on a special diet and workout regime to get toned and fitter for her role in Rock On 2, and has lost about 4 kgs!

Prachi Desai (Photo Credit - Munna S)

She has been practicing circuit training for the past 2 months consisting of Burpees, spot jogging, bench squats, Press ups, and Crunches. And that’s not it, she had also gone on a detox diet for 5 days before starting the shooting for Rock on 2! And while she is shooting for the film in Shillong, Prachi has taken up a gluten free diet.


As reported earlier, there is only a make shift gym in Shillong at the hotel, and Prachi being an avid Yoga practitioner does 60-80 surya namaskars everyday along with few other postures. She also balances it by going for early morning runs in the fresh air and beautiful picturesque Shillong!