Posted on November 2, 2015 at 4:58 am

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Ep. 6 Quantico – God

Are you still holding your breath? I think it’s safe to say you can let it out now! Tonight’s episode was heavy, insane and just… WTF written all over the place!

Alex and Booth break up because she finds out he WAS keeping an eye out on her under O’connor’s orders. Shelby admits her love for Caleb, but in present day we find out they broke up because he assumed an affair which does exist and it’s with his father!! WHAT? Here’s one more love affair that’s taken a turn, Simon and Nimah finally go from eye-to-eye hallway contact to kissing, but then he finds out she has a twin, hits his head on a desk and becomes unconscious. One more love-twist to add in, O’connor and Miranda had a past love affair… okay.


Due to this love affair between O’connor and Miranda it made an impact on her sons life who is officially out of jail and she is terrified she can’t trust him anymore. She has Quantico camp students go undercover and surveillance her life in a day and puts out her personal home issues in the hands of the NAT’s.

The mother son come to an understanding. Towards the end of the episode, Miranda tells her son she is home for the weekend and off of work, so she is all his to spend time with! But we are shown he is chatting with someone on his computer and the message read, “we are here to help you if you need it.” Who is this?! Will he get himself into trouble again?

Present day, Alex is on the search of of the real victim of the attack!

Simon helps her hack into Caleb’s computer where he is looking at all the footage before and after the attack. In the last 30 seconds of the episode, Alex notices the twins at the station in various places and concludes that the Amin sisters are the cause of the Grand Central Station attack!

Today’s Quantico episode 6, God had us at the edge of our seats and maybe even falling off of them too! We must await till next Sunday, for now here’s a preview for it all!